Bohemian Dates was founded in 2019 with one mission: to educate the world about Mother Nature's Candy, Medjool Dates. Our purpose is to improve the general public's health by offering a completely natural super-fruit as a replacement for processed sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Bohemian Dates wants to revolutionize plant based energy food consumption by reinventing a healthier way to snack. A better tomorrow begins with the smallest adjustment of incorporating Medjool Dates into your everyday diet.

Sourced from the lowest point on earth

Farming In Paradise

Unique Location: Our farm is 1,400 ft below sea level! Bohemian Dates are grown in nutrient rich soils that are exclusively only to our location - only a few miles away from the Dead Sea.

Sustainably Sourced: Reducing our carbon footprint is a corner stone for our values. Our farm's facilities and machines are run on 100% solar energy.

Industry Pioneers: Our technology exceeds far beyond the industry standards & capabilities. We are the first date farm to integrate an A.I. sorting machine to ensure flawless consistency in every package.

3rd Generation Farmers: Our farm has mastered the art of growing medjool dates over the decades. We grow over 16 varieties of dates, some of which are proprietary to only our farm!

Orlando, Fl

Based Out Of The Sunshine State

Three longtime friends came together to create Bohemian Dates after graduating from the University of Central Florida, University of Tampa, and University of Miami.

Growing up, farming & eating all the different variations of dates, can easily make one a date fanatic. Our goal is to share Mother Nature's Candy with the rest of the world & to hopefully have a positive influence on one's diet & livelihood.

Orlando is the perfect place to begin our bountiful journey. The community here is thriving with world renowned vegan chefs & so many health conscious eateries.