An All-Natural & Convenient Way To Snack

No need for highly processed bars or synthetic energy drinks

Gram for gram, Bohemian Dates contain more potassium than bananas!

Dates are FRESH fruit! Free of GMO's, additives, and unwanted preservatives.

Medjool Dates are naturally sweet, which is why we call it Mother Nature's Candy™️.

High in dietary fibers, Medjool Dates not only help sustain energy, but also prevent hunger! Perfect for long trips &. pre/post workout super snacking.

Bohemian Dates comes straight from Mother Nature to the palm of your hand!

Ideal for Vegan lifestyle on the go! Bohemian Dates are always ready to help you meet your nutritional needs and diet goals.

Bohemian Dates are naturally free of fat & cholesterol. Incorporating "daily dating" into your diet can help reduce risks of heart disease.

Packed with vitamins A and B, as well as minerals like magnesium, iron, & calcium, promoting stronger bones, healthier immune & nervous system!

3 Steps to No-Crash Energy On The Go:

1. Choose your perfect date!

2. Ships free to your door directly from cold storage

3. Get snacking! Enjoy sweet & long-lasting energy on the go

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